Feiko van Dijk: Game & Technical Designer


Hi! I’m a Technical and General Designer from Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Good to see you here! I am Feiko, an award-winning Technical Designer & Business Developer at Viscacha Studios in the Netherlands and I’m always on the lookout for new, challenging projects to take on.

I enjoy taking on complex game development projects and turning them into enjoyable experiences. I love technical challenges, whether they are related to software, hardware, cars, motorcycles, or anything else. Every challenge is another adventure from which I gain knowledge and insights. 

While Technical Design is a role I feel most confident in, my passion for game development is strengthened by the people I work with. I consider myself a good communicator and use this to connect people and to steer teams towards a shared vision and goal.  

My path leading towards game development took some twists and turns. I started  off in Education, with the goal to inspire teachers and educators to push the limits of learning with modern technologies. I’ve enrolled in studies for Communication, Graphic design and Psychology and finally reached Game Design. 

Besides school I’m working on a few side projects, feel free to check out my blog to learn more about them.

For more information feel free to contact me below or one of my social media accounts.