CTF-Castle: A Unreal Tournament 4 CTF level

CTF-Castle is a multiplayer capture-the-flag level designed for Unreal Tournament 4, with an emphasis on short to mid range combat and player choices through weapon choices and level design. CTF-Castle gives players many traversal routes and has a few ‘meat grinder’ spots where players are brought together.

Year 2 Block A: Level Design

IGAD Start of year 2. We started off the year with a block of Level Design for an existing game with an established playerbase, Unreal Tournament 4. In a period of 8 weeks we would have build & test a blockout level. The block started off with researching UT4, their competitors, USP, current development status but more importantly level design theories and usage cases in the game. After this phase we started developing the first concepts.

One of my teachers, Nick Dry, suggested using Sketchup for creating a very simple first design. After making a few test sketches I finally built this:

First iteration of CTF-Castle

On a sidenote: Using Sketchup turned out to be a great idea, but not because it’s a great tool to use for level design. I started working on this level in September, so when Blocktober came around I had some progress to show off. My design was featured on SketchupUK’s blog, which doubled my website views and raised my twitter page views from 30 on average to over 1000 in October. Note to self: participate in more events like Blocktober 😉

When I look back at this first sketch I can immediately see many points for improvement, something I struggled with at the start of this project. After creating this sketch in Sketchup I started rebuilding in the UT Editor, resulting in something like this.

Screenshots from the first design in the UT Editor