Adding poisonous gas to Galaga

For my newest school project we are exploring the pre-production phase of game design. Last block, we explored the concept phase where I made the Witcher 3 Boardgame.

Goal of this block: Create a prototype of your assigned game and assigned keyword. During the first lab day, as our work days are called, I was put into a team with 3 others we were assigned the game Galaga and the keyword ‘ Poisonous gas’. During the next 8 weeks, we would somehow have to combine these two.

First things first, what is Galaga? Galaga is an old arcade game from 1981, which is inspired by space invaders. I researched Galaga with my team (this research also involved wasting many hours playing Galaga) and documented the core of Galaga using the MDA model.

After all this (boring) research, we started actually developing the game. Our teachers supplied us with an Unreal Engine template project, where we could mess around with a few things. We’re still working on this, so I’ll update this post when it’s finished!

Block B

Alright, it’s been quite some time since the last update. Last week was the deadline for the project and we managed to finish all the deliverables on time! I am quite happy with my performance compared to last block, but I still have a very long way to go.

Anyways, we eventually called our game Veenox. Veenox is an exciting top-down arcade shoot em up set in space. By evading gas and shooting waves of enemies you have to save the world!

Gameplay footage

So we had to combine Galaga with poisonous gas. We saw poisonous gas as a form of control over the player’s positioning. If we want to, we can make the area the player can move around in smaller and bigger during the game. Besides this, we wanted to keep the formations that Galaga had. This made a great combination and we ended up with waves of enemies and gas, each one challenging the player more and more.

Opening slide of our game pitch

After defining our game came the scary part: pitching. Last block I really struggled with pitching and lost lots of motivation because I kept failing. This block would be different. One of the team members helped me assemble the pitch and the other 2 team members kept working on the game. Because of this we decided it would be best if me and the person who helped me assemble the pitch would do it. We made it in one try.

This block was full of learning for me. I am still struggling with writing in english, but I’m sure it will be better when I write more often. This was also the first team project I did on this school, and I have to say that working with motivated people like my classmates is very refreshing.